Journey to Selfspiration

Jolene shares her journey to Selfspiration, and tells you how she plans to change the world through building a camp for survivors of sexual abuse and by giving survivors a voice.


  • Mary Bauer


    Thank you for being so brave. By you opening up and sharing your pain and sorrow, you have surely helped many others who may not have had the courage to speak out otherwise. God Bless

  • Jolene


    Thanks so much for your kind words!

  • Jeni Mc


    So proud, and so humbled that I have walked in your presence.

  • Jolene


    Thank you. *hugs*

  • Judy


    Thank you for telling your story for those of us that aren't there yet. You have such courage.

  • Jolene


    Thank you, Judy!

  • Tara Moore


    You are a phenomenal woman and I am glad you shared your story. I teach a high school Women's Literature course in Lincoln, Nebraska where I do a unit that includes rape. Another teacher in my building linked me your Ted talk and I would love to chat with you about connecting your story to my students. I can explain more via email or even over the telephone if you prefer.

  • Jolene


    Thanks, Tara! I'll be sending you an email!

  • Malynda


    I EMBRACE THE courage you have displayed and congratulate you on your victory, and thank you for not giving up. I am a survivor of Human Sex Trafficking. I too faced those demons of 13the yrs of my child hood. I confronted the leader as well with my now deceased husband, and can relate to that moment you shared. At 15the I was passed off to a local drug dealer to provide for me. There is much I share in my testimony and the biggest reason I do what I do is to give other Survivors encouragement to come forward and the still Victims A voice to there unheard cries. My traffickers were not strangers. It was my mom and her husband. In a small country town where fields of corn seperated the homes. When I was 27 Jesus came into my life, and in 2008 was the beginning of finding my voice. In 2009 I went public, News, News Paper and from there pannel discussion's. I am with The Hope Project a non- profit that has built a home to rescue children who were rescued from Sex Exploitation. I am currently also on a board that is passing a Bill for Health Coverage for victims of Sexual Exploitation to cover there Medical needs specifically. I would be honored to share my testimony with you, to REACH OUT TO SURVIVORS. GOD BLESS..

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